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Winter Specials

Boardwalk Photo Booth Rentals is the perfect addition to any Holiday Party.   We include everything to ensure your event is flawless.  Contact us today and inquire about discounted rates this Holiday Season in New jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, & NYC....
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Make Your Next Big Party a Blast with a Booth

group of young friends at party Whether you're planning a single large party or multiple celebrations, your main focus is to ensure that guests have a fun and memorable day. It can be difficult to find activities that everyone is going to enjoy, as there may be...
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How Does Renting a Photo Booth Work?

Having long been a fixture of the beaches and boardwalks, photo booths in New Jersey are more popular than ever. A lot of people are surprised when they realize you can rent a photo booth for a party or event, and they wonder how it works—and if it will be a hit. Wonder no more,...
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History of the Photobooth: The Original Selfie?

While photobooths are a fun and traditional activity included at significant events (weddings, birthday parties, proms, etc.), but they also have some interesting history attached to their existence as well. People may not realize it, but the photo booth has actually been around the United States since the mid 1920’s. Of course, the booth has...
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