Have You Considered a Photo Booth for Thanksgiving?

It’s almost Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of the most magical holidays of the year – it’s a time when people of all faiths and backgrounds gather together with their family and closest friends to share in a sense of gratitude for the good things that they enjoy. It’s the beginning of the holiday season and a chance to enjoy a great feast. There are many traditions that are considered a “must” in New Jersey households and across the nation—from cooking a turkey and baking delicious pumpkin pie to watching the football game in the living room. But this year, more families and groups than ever before are exploring a new tradition for Thanksgiving: a photo booth rental.

Photo booths have a charm that goes back to the early days of photography. Once, having a picture taken was a rare treat. It was something often reserved for special occasions like the holidays or a birthday. And photo booth rentals in NJ have a long history, with these machines becoming a fixture on the beachside boardwalks for generations. Photography has evolved and become more and more accessible, to the point where all of us have a camera in our phones; however, the photo booth remains something different and special. It puts a smile on people’s faces whenever they see them.

image of family gathering

This little Thanksgiving reunion could use a photo booth rental.

Whether for a large family get together, a community event, or a Thanksgiving event at a business, there are many benefits of renting a photo booth:

  • It’s a low-cost way to do something memorable for guests – People light up when they see a photo booth and everyone wants to get a turn going in, often several times. They might wear funny hats and accessories, make goofy faces, or give each other bunny ears. With a series of photos taken one after another, a photo booth gives guests a chance to show their creative side.
  • Printed pictures – Unlike pulling out a cell phone, photo booths print out traditional paper pictures every time people go through. That means guests get to take home a physical memento of the Thanksgiving event—something they can treasure forever.
  • Digital compatible – In addition to printed photos, today’s photo booths put digital copies of each picture on a USB flash drive so that everyone can share the family’s pictures on Facebook or a personal blog.

There’s a reason people love going into a photo booth—it’s a chance to express themselves and make fun memories. Why not get one for your family Thanksgiving?

Call or contact us at Boardwalk Photo Booth Rentals to find out more about our rates and to book your photo booth!

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