How Does Renting a Photo Booth Work?

Having long been a fixture of the beaches and boardwalks, photo booths in New Jersey are more popular than ever. A lot of people are surprised when they realize you can rent a photo booth for a party or event, and they wonder how it works—and if it will be a hit. Wonder no more, because Boardwalk Photo Booth Rentals makes it incredibly easy to entertain your guests. Here’s how a typical photo booth rental in New Jersey works:

• You pay a flat, fixed fee – Photo booths are rented out for a fixed fee based on the number of hours you want the booth. These rates can be surprisingly affordable, especially for large events. Because it’s a flat fee, you don’t pay extra, no matter how many photos your guests take.

• Setup and troubleshooting is totally covered – You shouldn’t have to deal with any hassle on the day of your event. Photo booth rental typically includes complete setup of the booth on site. Additionally, an attendant will stay on hand at all times in case the photo booth runs low on photo paper.

• Guests can go in as much as they want – There is no limit to how many times the guests can go through the booth. Usually a photo booth takes four pictures in a row for each “session.” But groups who want more photos can go through again and again—with different friends, different props or new hilarious hijinks.

• Everyone in the photo gets a copy, every time – Part of the charm of a photo booth is that you get real, physical printed photos as soon as you walk out of the booth. The number of photos that get printed matches the number of people who go in. In other words, if four friends go in the booth, then all four will get a full set of printed pictures to take home.

• The photos are also saved digitally – Printed photos are great, but these days you also want digital photos you can share online. Typically, the person that the event is for or who is hosting it is given a USB memory stick with all of the day’s photos on it, so they can share them with everyone involved and save them for a lifetime.


• For the most fun, add props and accessories – Photo booths are great on their own, but even better when there are silly hats, word bubbles, costume accessories, and props on hand for people to pose with. A regular party can quickly become a creative event.

Are you considering a photo booth for your next event? What got you interested? If you are looking for a great way to engage your guests and create instant memories, Boardwalk Photo Booth Rentals can provide it. Call or contact us today to schedule your event!

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